2018 « Chimère » project. Sculpture and wall installation at Sandal Bedesteni. Istanbul, Turkey

2018 ART NEW YORK with Gama gallery. International art fair. New York, USA

2018 GEOART. Group exhibitioN. Georado. Dorfhain, Germany

2018 III.Uluslararasi 9.Sokak sanat çalistayi. Group exhibtion. Istanbul, Turkey

2017 «Where do we come from? » Group exhibition. Gama gallery. Artfullliving Istanbul, Turkey

2016 Group exhibition « Contemporary stories ». Çağla Cabaoğlu galler. Artfullliving. Istanbul, Turkey

2016 Group exhibition at KSKM. Kapadokya, Turkey

2016 « Antidot » Group exhibition. 9Soyak. Istanbul, Turkey

2015 Group exhibition at Casa Dell’arte. Bodrum. Turkey

2015 « MAP4″ Group exhibition. Tharandter Wald, Germany

2014 « 4 Years Old » Solo Exhibition. Renart gallery. Istanbul, Turkey

2014 « The Genius Loci » Group exhibition. Berlin, Germany

2013 Group exhbition at Artisan gallery. Istanbul, Turkey

2013 Collaboration with Maçka Modern gallery. Istanbul, Turkey

2013  AQUAMEDIALE® 9. Group exhibition, 2013, Dahme-Spreewald, Germany

2012 Group exhibition in MAP#1. Berlin, Germany

2012 Group exhibition «αùtopoίesiς» in +-0, Berlin, Germany

2010 Participation at  the documentary, «Streetosphere» from «La compagnie des taxis-brousses». Creation of an installation, Berlin, Germany

2009 /2010 Group exhibition «Anima Ferrea» in Tacheles art House. Berlin, Germany