French artist Emilie Gotmann works and lives in Paris and Istanbul. Born in 1985 she studied design and crafts in Paris.

Engaged on various art projects in Berlin, between 2009 and 2013 she became known for her realistic and ironical steel sculptures, as well as her art installations.

In 2012, she began collaborating with turkish Galleries, then participating at art fairs such as Art New York, Miami, Art weeks akaretler and Contemporary Istanbul.

The use of metal and sustainable materials is obvious to the artist, a statement on the fast consuming era we experience. Emilie Gotmann works on varied contemporary obsessions and often refers to feminism and war, with a hint of absurdity.


Teddies ” are immersive pieces recreating teddy bears made of rusty steel. Familiar and attractive yet made of hard and cold steel these sculptures trigger an uncanny feeling allowing childhood memories to play again before us.


« Chimères » are animal and Vegetal fragments creating a new taxonomy of species in which we are invited to reconsider our place and role.


Women bodies is a common subjet, often reduced to its sexual or basic esthetical essence. Those odd takes on the subject are both trying to make it an ordinary and surreel objet.

Feminin figures

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